Positioned to Elevate Training Series

  1. Watch the training. You can watch one, two, or all three.
  2. Leave a written or video testimonial. Share with me your experience with the training you attended. Consider and briefly share where you were BEFORE the training and how has your perspective shifted/evolved AFTER attending the training.? 
  3. Pray about taking the FIRST next step on your personal or professional development journey by enrolling in one of the experiences under the video. The options are Seasons of Life: The Community for Christian women, BizMaster for Seasoned Subject Experts, or Profitable Founder® for Established Business Owners.


⬇️ Training 1 | Seasons of Life: The Introduction ⬇️

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🔗 ENROLL into Seasons of Life: The Community | $50/month


⬆️ Training 2 | Born to Make An Impact ⬆️

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📚 ENROLL into IMPACT MAKER Bundle for Subject Experts | Investment $997

⬆️ Training 3 | How to Turn Your Competitors into Power Partners ⬆️

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🤝 ACCESS Profitable Founder® Course | Investment $1997