The 5-Phase Partnership Challenge

It’s the season of intentional action and effective execution! Are you up for the challenge?

This is my personal invite to you to join me as I host The 5-Phase Partnership Challenge.

It isn’t easy, but it so worth it to partner with others who not only see your vision, but have the means to help you make significant impact through your events.

These 5 phases will teach the fundamentals that prepare you to get in front of your prospects so that you can grow your partnership portfolio. However, it is up to you to apply the knowledge and take intentional action.

Here’s the agenda for

the 5-Phase Partnership challenge:

Day 1 | Articulating The Story Behind Your Vision

Day 2 | How to Select the Proper Event Type

Day 3 | The Keys to Effective Team Delegation

Day 4 | Operating Budget Modification: Know the Story Behind Your Numbers

Day 5 | Establish Your Prospect Partner List