I Miss Hugs!

Hey Founders.


Is it just me? I bet even those of you who DON’t like hugs miss people trying to hug you. Am I right? Or am I right?

Man who would have thought we’d not only experience a global pandemic where the entire world shuts down, but that we eventually adapt to this new way of life.

I watched how people have responded since March. What I find interesting is that it was similar to the buying process.

Once the announcement was made about the severity of COVID-19, a small group of people dropped what they were doing and went inside. (THE EARLY ADOPTERS). Then when reports of causalities started coming in, more people started taking action (EARLY MAJORITY). Then businesses in every city, state, and almost every country were ORDERED to temporarily closed. (Similar time the theory that when a new iPhone comes out, the older ones act up forcing you to decide to confirm, I mean buy a new one (LATE MAJORITY). And then you have the people who were just going to do their own thing regardless of the orders (THE LAGGERS). What about the Innovators you ask? They already knew what was coming so they were prepared.

While this shutdown has affected so many businesses, engagements, and leisure activities, we have adapted very well.

To all of you who host annual fundraisers, I see you. To the event creators, I see you. To those who were just breaking into the event space, stay with us.

It’s true that we don’t know when or if the world will fully open back up to reinstate live event experiences but there are still ways we can continue to make our impact in the lives of those were called to lead.

I’ve been helping my clients and students pivot into the virtual event space. Some have mastered it, while others are still trying to find their sweet spots. The interesting thing that we’ve seen is that most of them had to get more laser focused, put together those missing pieces to their curriculum and revamp their signature event.

If you’re a Founder looking to grow your partnership portfolio but you’re struggling to find your sweet spot in this virtual event space, join my PRIVATE Facebook community.

Again, Founders, I see you. I’m praying with you. Let’s continue making impact.

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