New eBook | Partnerships Made Simple!!!

Though the cohort will be everything and bag of your favorite chips, you can start here.

Preorders open today and the new eBook will be released on Monday, Dec 7th, 2020. Be sure to save the date.

In this eBook you will learn:

✅Why you should pursue partnerships VS sponsorships.

✅The 4 fundamental elements to growing your partnership portfolio.

✅How to initiate the partnership conversation & the 5 items you want to be sure to have with you.

✅How to qualify your prospective partners.

✅The importance of designing your collaboration strategy.

✅The common mistakes Founders make that keep them from retaining partnerships

✅Why you should start to leverage your professional assets.

✅The 3-part framework I've used to grow a 6-figure partnership portfolio.

Grab your copy for $9.99,

🚨PS: This is a great virtual stocking stuffing for a fellow Founder or 3.

Let’s continue making an impact.

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