“Operational Alignment” | Maternity Leave was Just What I Needed

🚨I made it!!!!! “Operation Alignment” aka #MaternityLeave is complete. Well almost.

Now, I’m preparing for that phase that NO ONE talks about. Post-postpartum. That phase after you have taken time away from life as you knew it and are now adding back in one variable at a time to see what works and what doesn’t. Yea, that phase.

Over the last 2.5 months I’ve experienced a lot of FIRSTS. The birth of my son. Parents to 3 kiddos. Managing a business and a newborn (go read my blog). I started a blog😂. And several more things have happened over the last 60+ days.

But I’m managing. Actually, to be honest, I’m thriving. I’m completely in love with the person I’m still evolving into. Motherhood has revealed soooo much of my own messiness that I’ve been forced to address and tighten up.

And with this journey I stand by what I’ve been teaching over the last year which is that “personal habits become our business principles”. And honeyyyy, I needed to tighten a few areas all the way up.

I cannot wait to return to leading you and sharing much that I have learned. See you soon, Founders.

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