Profitable Founder™

Build a solid, impactful and profitable business, God’s way. This blueprint shares the lessons and guides you through the process of building your business from a solid foundation, even if it didn’t go as planned the first time around.

THE BONUS GUIDE: Inside you will find an interactive workbook leading you though the three phases of the Profitable Founder Approach™️.

Seasons of Life 3.0

This interactive workbook is a resource for leaders of impact. We explore how kingdom principles help us dismantle self-defeating beliefs and habits in our professional and personal lives. 

Developing Kingdom Leaders

Coming Spring 2022

Ministry leaders will learn to implement practical strategies that they can apply immediately to examine their own leadership skills, the skills of their ministry teams, as well as strengthen the leadership character of their congregation.


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Sharpen Your Professional Skills Outside Work With These 15 Tips

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