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Elevate Your Life & Business

ELEVATE, our Private Client Experience, is designed to help you live and lead the life that is predestined for you. This comprehensive program allows you to focus on your 1) personal development, 2) industry authority, or 3) incorporating partnerships into your business strategy.

Over the course of three (3) to twelve (12) months, you will work with A. Margot Blair and the AMB Team as one of 4 clients who are committed to elevating your personal or professional life. We believe that our faith plays a significant role in our personal and professional development, so A. Margot incorporates biblical principles into her consulting approach. Take a moment to review the preliminary details below.  

Why Work With Me?


It's Time for You to ELEVATE If:


  • You continue to find herself feeling underqualified which leads to inaction or stagnation. 


  • You have knowledge, experience, or a lesson to share with others who are facing a challenge you have overcome, but you question whether you have what it takes to make a (transformative and profitable) impact


  • You want to get to the ROOT of the challenges you have faced/are currently facing, so that the residue is no longer able to interfere with your purpose.


  • You have been searching for an experience that uses both biblical principles and adaptive leadership development strategies that you can apply to your personal and professional life.
  • You're willing to dismantle belief blockers, develop new habits, and become disciplined in your decision-making.


  • You want to prioritize your faith in ALL aspects of your life.


  • You want to break free from strongholds and self-defeating thoughts keeping you from the life God has for you.


  • You're ready to commit to doing the work required of you, both personally and professionally, so that you are positioned for the next season of your journey.

Personal Development for Christian Women

Starting at $500/mo


It’s time to restore the role of the Kingdom woman. For the next three to twelve months, you will focus on restoring your Kingdom identity, breaking free from strongholds, and growing in spiritual maturity.

*This track is available to a maximum of four (4) clients each quarter.


  • Design a custom personal development plan that grows as you do.
    • Your plan will include the three Focus Areas: Identity Restoration, Personal Development, & Spiritual Growth.
    • We address priority management and personal legacy.
  • Minimum of Three-month* commitment - Monthly one-hour Sessions
  • Access to Seasons of Life curricula, book, and journal
  • Private Client Community
The Transformation Process

This Private Client Experience is designed to help Christian women dismantle self-defeating beliefs, develop new habits, and navigate through life using biblical principles.

  • Repeatable pocket approach to personal development where you learn to trust God to lead you.
  • Dismantle belief blockers, so that you can overcome your fear of failure/success.
  • Become aware of your triggers and warning signs, so that you no longer face frequent spiritual relapses such as cycles of burnout, procrastination, self-sabotage, etc.
  • Give up indecision and inaction due to being study and stagnant by becoming disciplined in your decision-making and aligned in God's purpose for you.



“I have not heard ANYONE approach personal development from a Kingdom perspective the way you have!”

"I have not heard anyone approach personal development from a Kigndom perspective the way you have, and I'm only half way through [the training]."

–  P. Russell, Resilience Coach

“[I joined PFA because I was] Looking to establish partnerships. Wanting to know a repeatable strategy...”

"I'm coming back to the seat (to learn). {I joined PFA because I was} Looking to establish partnerships. Wanting to know a repeatable strategy. I'm coming to you because I know that you've done, you're able to replicate. You understand the nuances that I don't. I like the teaching season and coaching sessions."

– T. Bean, Parent Consultant

“[A. Margot Negotiated An] Increase of board dues from $240/annually to $1000/annual!”

"I was requesting only $240/annually from each of my six board members. We put together a MASTER BUDGET for my organization, which included a few different programs. This was the first time I factored in a real take-home pay for myself. One of the strategies Margot came up with was to increase board dues to $1000/annually PER board member. We closed on my next board call with ALL SIX board members in agreement AND committing to leverage their networks [5-10 matching pledges] to gain additional financial support."

–  A. CHARLES, Etiquette Coach

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