Entering In to a New Season: The Shift is Upon Us

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Hey there, Impact Maker!👋

When we enter in to a new season of our life, it requires us to understand that The Shift is upon us. This shift is where we are in a season where we are being calling by God into greater.  

The question that remains is:

How will you respond?


It’s important to grow beyond an elementary understanding of Christ (Hebrews 6:1), learn more about the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33), and exemplify the character of Christ as we move into the role we play as Kingdom believers (2 Peter 1:2-15).


I was reading for one of my doctoral assignments, and I struggled to comprehend the various aspects of the reading well enough to translate my thoughts into writing. After inviting my husband to read and explain it to me, it was as if my husband began to speak another language.


It dawned on me. During my first year of the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program, I was merely trying to complete the assignments for each class. Between wifehood, Mamahood, client and advisory work, building a ministry, and other obligations, I realized I was not able to immerse myself into my studies beyond comprehension and completion of my assignments.


You’ll hear more about the transformational experience during my third trip to residency, soon.


However, I will share that it became evident that God was calling me into a season of R.E.S.T. where He would be able to restructure my mind in a way that would be aligned with His, reignite the passion in my spirit that would allow me to my part in developing women leaders (for the Kingdom), and reconcile the promises He made when He predestined me for my Kingdom assignment.


This season of R.E.S.T. to which I am referring may be one God has been inviting you into, as well. *Insert side eye here* 


This is the season where we learn to trust God while we R.E.S.T.:

  • Reconnect with our source. (Lamentations 3:21-41; Psalm 29:2)

    This is a call to invite God to meet you where you are in this season.


  • Enhance our time in worship. (Philippians 2:9-11; James 4:8)


    During times of contemplative prayer and worship, we allow the supernatural to be at work in and through our lives.
  • Surrender to the will of God. (Isaiah 25:1)

    This is where we get on one accord. This is a form of atonement, or being at one with God.
  • Trust the longevity of the process. (Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:4-5)

    Wait on the Lord. Do not try to outpace God.

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to study, meditate, pray through and learn what God was intending for me to learn about R.E.S.T.


You see, before He can send you out, He has to be sure you are equipped and prepared for the journey.


On this journey more is required of you (Luke 12:48; Micah 6).  


Your faith has to be able to withstand the schemes of the adversaries (Matthew 7:24-29).


You have to know that you have the authority (Luke 10:19) that you can use to fuel you as God leads you on a path that’s unfamiliar to you, so that He can get you to the destination He has predestined for you! 

I will do my part as a mouthpiece of God (2 Timothy 4:2). I will share the resources, introduce to you the discussions from the academic roundtables, and teach you how to study this information that may initially be foreign to you (as it was to me).


It’s time that we mature in our faith.


It’s time for us to encounter God for ourselves.

As you prepare for your week, I want to invite you to consider and respond to the following question:


What big shift has God been inviting you to step into?


With this...



I’m excited about this timely journey where you will find blogs, articles, and resources designed to help us learn and grow in knowledge and relationship with God in our personal and professional lives.

I’m even more grateful that you’re on this journey with us.


We’ll see you next week.


Bye for now. God bless.

A. Margot Blair, Your Partner in Personal Growth🤍


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