What the Personal Development Gurus Aren't Teaching (Christian Women Edition)

Season #1

In this episode, @a.margotblair discusses “What You Should Know About Personal Development (That the Gurus Aren’t Teaching Christian Women).” . Whether you have found yourself listening to the top motivational speakers or even dabbling in self-care practices that do not align with your core values, you will want to listen through this episode to

1. Find out what you should know about personal development

2. Learn one unhealthy habit Christian Women have

3. Learn 4 Personal Development Truths

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For those of you who are new here, hey there! I am A. Margot Blair, personal development consultant at the intersection of faith and business. I work with Christian women who are ready to prioritize their faith in their personal and professional life, establish themselves as an authority in their industry, and leverage strategic partnerships so that they can make a transformative and profitable impact in the lives of those they are called by God to serve.

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