Being Homosexual and a Christian w/ Chelsie Donald | Seasons of Life Podcast | A. Margot Blair

Season #2

#Homosexuality #Christianity #Deliverance #HomosexualToJesus #HealingGodsWay This “in real life” candid conversation is long overdue, but right on time. In this episode, Chelsie shares her deliverance testimony from being homosexual and a Christian. If you believe what the Bible says about homosexuality, the practice of the lifestyle doesn't give you peace anymore, and you are trying to avoid feeding the desires of your flesh (fornication), this episode is for you. On this episode of #SeasonsOfLife, I sit down with one of my best friends who visited for the holidays to discuss her journey of living a homosexual lifestyle to God restoring her identity in him! We unpack aspects of our personal lives that tried to attack our womanhood/motherhood, and the steps we took to combat the schemes of the enemy. Tune in to this episode. 🚨NOTE: The “in real life” elements in this episode include my husband informing us and tending to two toddlers and my best friend's infant while we taped this 1-hour conversation, our toddlers having a field day in my son's room, and phones ringing. We are bringing this to your attention because this is REAL LIFE, and we did not want anything to keep us from getting this message out to you. May God give you a confirming or fresh word! Enjoy! ___________________________ ➡️ YOUR NEXT STEPS ⤵️ ▪️Ready to do the root work, and allow God to transform you from the inside out? Check out these resources below: RESOURCES ⤵️ 📕 Select a @youversion Bible Plan: 💻 NEW TRAINING: Seasons of Life: The Introduction | MENTORSHIP ⤵️ 🌱 JOIN Seasons of Life: The Community, a group mentorship for Christian women ($250/year OR $25month) | 👩‍💻 BOOK a Healing the Wounded Woman session, a 1:1 90-minute session + personal growth action plan centered on your priorities and growth areas: ➡️ Learn more about A. Margot Blair and invite her to speak at your next women's event: YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn | Website | ____________________________ ABOUT A. MARGOT BLAIR: For those of you who are new here, hey there! I am @a.margotblair , personal & leadership development consultant at the intersection of faith and business. My mission is to help restore Kingdom women. I work with high-impact women in the areas of biblical personal development and authority leadership. Women & organization leaders come to me to teach and equip women to grow deeper in their relationship with God as they prioritize their faith in their personal and professional lives, establish themselves as an authority in their industry, and leverage strategic partnerships so that they can make a transformative and profitable impact in the lives of those they are called by God to serve. ➡️ Learn more about A. Margot Blair and invite her to speak at your next women's event: 👩‍🏫LEARN MORE ABOUT A. MARGOT BLAIR & WAYS TO LEARN AND GROW WITH AMB AT 🤝 Become a Giving Partner by sowing a recurring or one-time $25 monetary gift into the Seasons of Life Scholarship Fund: 🎤 Planning your next women's event? Invite A. Margot Blair to Speak |