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"Learning to leverage strategic partnerships has made all the difference in my business (and life)." -PFA Student (2021)

AMB Consulting & Co. is dedicated to teaching seasoned subject experts and established entrepreneurs the practical steps to establishing, securing, and retaining quality partnerships.

Whether you enroll in the on-demand course, or you apply to the Group Partnership Consulting, you are hiring A. Margot Blair as your Partnership Consultant.

As you decide if you are looking for a pocket approach to simplifying the partnership process, or if you want to walk hand-in-hand with a 10-year partnership professional, the AMB Team is here to help you position and prepare you for your partnership journey.

While you're here, learn more about the two partnership pathways, review testimonials from women who have experienced the program or attended a partnered event, and discover how to get started on your partnership journey.

We look forward to accompanying you on this extraordinary journey that will take your business to new heights with strategic partnerships.


Are you ready to learn how collaboration takes you further than competition?


 Profitable Founder®

Strategic Partnership Consulting

Profitable Founder® is the most comprehensive business and leadership development program for experienced subject-matter experts and established business owners designed to reinforce the infrastructure of your business, establish your industry authority, and equip you to make a profitable impact with strategic partnerships.


Through Profitable Founder® you will discover how to:
  • Develop your leadership character by prioritizing both your personal values and professional growth
  • Reinforce the infrastructure of your business as you evaluate your partnership potential and begin to establish relationships with your ideal power partners
  • Nurture the relationship with your power partners and learn to design custom partnership campaigns.
  • Enhance your Client Engagement Strategy and Partnership Retention Plan

 Through this experience, you'll be able to...


Have a Repeatable Pocket Approach to Strategic Partnerships

Profitable Founder® is a ten-module course that walks you step-by-step through the essential elements of the partnership process. You can rewatch the messages from your computer, tablet, or phone, even when you're on-the-go.

Graduate from Google and YouTube University

We believe it is important to start from where you are and grow from there. It is time for you to graduate from total reliance on Google and YouTube searches to get the answers to your business questions or completely ignoring the gaps that can be resolved through effective delegation or strategic partnerships.

Learn to Leverage Your Professional Assets

You'll learn to know when and who you should ask for help. This will allow you to position yourself as the ideal partnership candidate.

Consult with God, The One Who Gave You Your Vision in the First Place

You'll learn how to prioritize your faith in your personal and professional life.

 And That's Not All...

We have such a phenomenal curriculum planned for you that we can't wait for you to learn more below.

 Learn the Profitable Collaboration Method


Want a sneak peek?

Let's Take a Look at What's Inside...


Phase Zero: Develop Your Leadership Character

Learning objective: Learn the leadership skills and habits you will need along your journey and establish the most effective way to set goals.

Focus Areas & What you'll learn:

  • Leadership Skills and Habits: Acquire essential leadership skills and cultivate productive habits that will empower you to navigate your leadership journey effectively.
  • Overcome the Fear of Success: Learn strategies to identify and overcome the fear of success, enabling you to confidently pursue your leadership goals and aspirations.

  • G.I. (God-Inspired) Goals: Understand the concept of God-Inspired (G.I.) goals and discover the most effective ways to set and pursue these goals in alignment with your values and purpose.

Outcome of Phase Zero: By the end of this phase, you will have a solid foundation in leadership character development, the ability to overcome the fear of success, and the knowledge and skills to set and pursue meaningful God-Inspired goals.


Phase One: Establish the Foundation

Learning objectiveBuild a firm foundation for your business and establish quality relationships with prospective partners using The Profitable Collaboration Blueprint.

Focus Areas & What you'll learn:

  • Vision Articulation: Learn how to clearly and effectively articulate your business vision, making it a compelling and attractive proposition for potential partners.

  • Industry Expertise: Gain a deep understanding of your industry, allowing you to position yourself as an expert and make informed decisions that drive successful collaborations.

  • Streamline Systems: Discover strategies for optimizing your business processes and systems to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in collaborative endeavors.

  • Know Your Numbers: Develop the skills to analyze and interpret financial data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and confidently discuss financial aspects with potential partners.

  • Impact Potential: Explore how to measure and communicate the potential impact and value your collaboration can bring to both your business and your partners' ventures.

  • Partnerships Fundamentals: Master the fundamentals of building and maintaining successful partnerships, from negotiation and agreement structures to conflict resolution and long-term sustainability.

Outcome of Phase One: By the end of this phase, you will have a strong foundation for your business and the knowledge and skills necessary to establish quality relationships with prospective partners using The Profitable Collaboration Blueprint.



Phase Two: Secure the Partnership

Learning objectiveDesign a profitable collaboration strategy that focuses on achieving your business goals (and the goals of your prospective partners).

Focus Areas & What you'll learn:

  • Professional Assets: Learn how to identify and leverage your professional assets, including skills, knowledge, and resources, to create mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • Partnership Strategy: Develop the ability to craft a comprehensive partnership strategy that aligns with your business goals and the objectives of your prospective partners.

Outcome of Phase TwoBy the end of this phase, you will have the knowledge and skills to design a profitable collaboration strategy that focuses on achieving your business goals while also meeting the goals of your prospective partners.


Phase Three: Retain The Clients and Partners

Learning objectiveKnow the steps to create your partnership retention plan and your client engagement strategy.

Focus Areas & What you'll learn:

  • Client Engagement Strategy: Learn how to develop a comprehensive client engagement strategy that ensures your clients remain satisfied, engaged, and loyal to your business.

  • Partnership Retention Plan: Understand the steps and components involved in creating a partnership retention plan that fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your partners.

Outcome of Phase Three: By the end of this phase, you will have the knowledge and skills to create both a robust client engagement strategy and an effective partnership retention plan, helping you maintain strong and sustainable relationships with both clients and partners.

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  1. Select your partnership pathway (Course Only OR Group Partnership Consulting).
  2. Once you enroll in Profitable Founder® Academy, be sure to check your email (including your spam and promotional folder) to ensure you receive your welcome letter and login credentials to access the e-Learning platform.
    • NOTE: If you applied for Group Partnership Consulting, expect to hear back from a member of the AMB team within 72 hours.
  3.  Begin your partnership journey.



One Payment

  • Profitable Founder® Academy, 10-week curriculum
  • Digital workbooks (Fillable PDF or Print & write)
  • Profitable Founder® Textbook mailed to you
  • BONUS: D-F-Y templates (pitch decks, presentation slides, etc.)
  • BONUS: On-demand Trainings (Authority leadership, Goal Planning God’s Way, and more)
  • BONUS: Digital Guides (How to Batch Content; Make a Profitable Impact as a Professional Speaker, Event Management Made Simple, and more)
  • BONUS: 30+ Guest Expert Interviews Playlist (A. Margot's version of Tim Ferriss's Tribe of Mentors)


Payment installments available




One Payment

  • Everything included in Profitable Founder® Academy (course) PLUS
  • A. Margot Blair & The AMB Team become your Partnership Consultant (10+ years with personal and professional leadership, event management, partnership campaigns, curriculum design, etc.)
  • Biweekly Group Calls (2nd Thursdays 10am and 4th Thursdays 6pm)
  • Bi-annual Business/Partnership Audits (Review & update prospective partner lists, pitch decks, client engagement strategies, and partnership retention plans) 
  • Two (2) tickets to 2-Day (virtual) Business & Leadership Development Experience (Bring a team member or business associate)


Payment installments are available. You will be able to select your preferred plan on your application.



Ready to Make a (Profitable) Impact As An Authority Leader In Your Industry With Strategic Partnerships?

So let’s break this down!

Everything You’ll Get With Profitable Founder®:

  • 10 Modules - In-depth Video Trainings from A. Margot Blair ($1997 value)
  • Fillable step-by-step workbooks with exercises and activities for each Module ($500 value) 
  • Event Management Made Simple - CASE STUDY ($497 value)  
  • Born to Make an Impact Training + Workbook ($197 value) 
  • 5-Step Content Batching Process Guide ($97 value)
  • Vision Planning Workshop ($97 value)
  • BONUS: 30+ Guest Expert Interviews Playlist (A. Margot's version of Tim Ferriss's Tribe of Mentors) ($2000 Value) 
  • Lifetime access to all training videos, materials, resources, and Q&A recordings.
➡️ Profitable Founder® Academy ($12,500 VALUE)


Plus the elements of the Group Partnership Consulting which include...

  • Everything included in Profitable Founder® Academy ($12,500 Value) PLUS...
  • Personal Partnership Consultant with 10+ years of experience ($25,000/project Value)
  • Biweekly Group Calls - 2th and 4th Thursdays ($18,000 Value)
  • Bi-annual Business/Partnership Audits ($1,500 Value)
  • BONUS: Quarterly “Impact Maker” 200-page Journals ($40 Value)
  • BONUS: Two (2) tickets to 2-Day (virtual) Business & Leadership Development Experience ($1500/Ticket Value)
➡️ Group Partnership Consulting ($60,000 VALUE)
It's Time to Make an Informed Decision, Impact Maker...

How useful would it be to have a seasoned and trained Personal Growth Partner walking alongside you as you begin your partnership journey or enhance your partnership strategy?

Profitable Founder® will teach you to establish, secure, and retain strategic partnerships.

3-Month Private 1:1 Client Investment is $12,500 OR Partnership Project Investment is $60,000

Total Investment for Profitable Founder® Academy (course only) Only $997

Total Investment for Profitable Founder® Group Partnership Consulting Only $10,000

Payment installments available

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